Controlling Maintenance Operations and Costs Within a Zoo

April 2019:

Customer Challenge:  This Zoo owner came to us looking for an automated system to help manage the maintenance operations of their buildings and exhibits. Their current process using handwritten service requests was a disaster. With multiple people using the centralized spreadsheet, keeping accurate track of assets and audit trails was very difficult. Having a system to store and manage vendor information and expenses would help them control costs. Being able to identify and respond to safety issues is always a concern. They wanted a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. Upper management wanted the ability to run very detailed reports. At any time, he wanted to be able to view and get a status on all of their work orders. In an attempt to reduce errors, they wanted to enter data only once into the system. As they get comfortable with the system, they wanted the system to grow with them.

Successful Solution:  We demonstrated our basic offer to this customer, along with some features that would accommodate their future growth. Through our experience working with zoos, we were able to recommend some additional tips that helped them understand the benefits of using a CMMS solution. Our discussion included:

• Demonstration of our user-friendly interface.
• Ease of managing data from a computer or mobile device.
• Storing and accessing documents, manuals, photos, etc.
• Process for tagging information and preparing for audits such as AZA, USDA, etc.
• Ability to store and track vendor information, products and costs.
• Process for creating vendor purchase orders and managing vendor invoices.
• CMMS – GIS tracking the location of zoo assets.
• Hundreds of standard reports are available.
• We will work with them to customize any special reports.
• View detailed information on work orders through:
o Work Order Management View.
o Run Reports.
o Customize a Dashboard.
• Enter data once with the ability to download or run reports.
• View real-time data.


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