Streamlining Processes for Convenience Chain Stores, Restaurants and Gas Stations

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A Convenience Store Chain with Restaurants and Gas Stations was looking for a system that would help them manage their work orders. Their team is responsible for managing a large number of franchise properties and ensuring that repairs are completed quickly. Managing their maintenance department through email wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Keeping track of labor hours and supplies for each location was challenging.  Before work orders could be distributed to the maintenance manager for execution, everything needed to be sent to the regional manager for approval.  Once the maintenance manager receives the work orders, they are assigned to the appropriate maintenance mechanic.  Users entering service requests have a limited skill set and would not easily be able to attend training sessions.  This necessitated a system that is extremely easy to use.  Workers in the field needed mobile access to close out their work orders and take pictures of broken or unsafe equipment. Management needed to run reports to see all of the work order activities and expenses by location and budget code.

Successful Solution:  We provided the customer with a free demonstration, showing them the easy to use service request interface and the flexibility of managing all of the locations in one centralized database. With our recorded training sessions, new users will have no problem in getting up-to-speed.  Additionally, users have free access to other training videos, online help, and technical support.  Using the work order management screen, various reports and dashboards, they can easily see everything they need.  Our interactive calendar is just another way that they can view and reassign work orders.  Being able to capture expenses for each location and easily associate those expenses with the correct budget code is simple. Setting specific sign-off permissions throughout the routing of work orders is easily performed with our software solution. Users can access and manage work orders and data from any computer or mobile.  eWorkOrders provided them with the features and solutions that exceeded their expectations.

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