Food Manufacturer Looking For Easy-to-Use, Centralized Maintenance Management System That Will Grow With Their Company

April 2019

Customer Challenge: A food manufacturer came to us looking for a solution to help them manage their maintenance operations. They currently have three plants, a distribution center, headquarters and are continually growing to add new locations in other states. They needed to get control of their maintenance department and wanted to have everything managed by one VP in one centralized location. This senior manager would be responsible for managing the workflow of work orders, accountable for personnel, tracking of employee work time and increasing the efficiency of the overall maintenance department. They needed the ability to track machine maintenance and downtime, along with photos, manuals, and other important documents. Accuracy was important in keeping track of inventory as parts are being distributed.

Successful Solution: We demonstrated how easy it is to track and view employee time, machine maintenance, parts inventory and accessing documentation through our cloud-based work order software. During the demonstration, they saw how easy it was to run reports and create dashboards to see the status of all of their work orders in real-time. We easily accommodated their pricing concerns.  Our standard option met their current needs and they have the ability to seamlessly add new users and new features with the growth of their company. They will never outgrow eWorkOrders, because it is expandable to meet the growth of the company.

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