Optimizing Maintenance Operations for Fitness Centers

April 2019

Customer Challenge: A large franchisor and operator of fitness centers were looking to bring the organization to the next level for tracking work orders to create more visualization. They currently use a spreadsheet and a system for communications, which was no longer efficient.

Main Objective: The system has to be user-friendly. Schedule preventative maintenance for the equipment and routine building maintenance, open and close out work orders, manage inventory and track repair histories. Run weekly reports to ensure that tasks were completed.

Success Solution:

• Walking through our service request module, the user saw how easy it was to access all of their information from anywhere at any time. 
• Pictures can be taken and attached to a work order from a computer or mobile device.
• Viewing and printing work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, inventory, labor hours and a lot more, can easily be done from any location.
• Manage vendor purchase orders and expenses.
• The document management system can store documents, drawing, manuals, warranties, pictures, etc.
• Users can create a customized dashboard to show real-time information on the status of work orders.
• Work Orders are also visible and manageable from the work order management screen, interactive calendar or special reports.
• Weekly or daily checklists can easily be set up on a work order at the beginning of the week and then closed out by the end of the week when the work order has been completed.
• We offer a comprehensive list of reports that can be customized to meet their specifications.
• The system is flexible, and you have the ability to set up specific signature approvals throughout your process.
• Special emails and alerts can be set up to meet their organization’s requirements.
• With real-time information, customers have seen big improvements in communications.
• With reports and more accurate information, preparing for inspections will now be a lot easier.

Optimizing your maintenance department will give you full visibility of how each of your facilities is doing at any time with just the press of a button.

Food Manufacturer Looking For Easy-to-Use, Centralized Maintenance Management System That Will Grow With Their Company

April 2019

Customer Challenge: A food manufacturer came to us looking for a solution to help them manage their maintenance operations. They currently have three plants, a distribution center, headquarters and are continually growing to add new locations in other states. They needed to get control of their maintenance department and wanted to have everything managed by one VP in one centralized location. This senior manager would be responsible for managing the workflow of work orders, accountable for personnel, tracking of employee work time and increasing the efficiency of the overall maintenance department. They needed the ability to track machine maintenance and downtime, along with photos, manuals, and other important documents. Accuracy was important in keeping track of inventory as parts are being distributed.

Successful Solution: We demonstrated how easy it is to track and view employee time, machine maintenance, parts inventory and accessing documentation through our cloud-based work order software. During the demonstration, they saw how easy it was to run reports and create dashboards to see the status of all of their work orders in real-time. We easily accommodated their pricing concerns.  Our standard option met their current needs and they have the ability to seamlessly add new users and new features with the growth of their company. They will never outgrow eWorkOrders, because it is expandable to meet the growth of the company.

Well Known Large Engine Manufacturer Eliminates Production Downtime with eWorkOrders

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  Our customer is a manufacturing facility for large engines.  There is limited time to move heavy machinery oversized parts from place to place in their plant during the production process.  eWorkOrders was approached to see if we could prevent downtime on the production line by creating a work order solution for the movement of these components being transported by tuggers and forklifts.  In order to maintain compliance with operational safety procedures, the vehicles are only permitted to move throughout the plant during specific time intervals.  Work orders are assigned to and completed by vehicle drivers using a tablet and our mobile software solution.

Successful Solution:  eWorkOrders was able to successfully build a custom queue with a focus on priority and aging of the work orders assigned to each driver.  This helps ensure that work will be completed within the desired timeframe and not become stale.  As work orders age, the color will change and the drivers are visually warned.  A schedule was built into the program with time intervals for vehicle movement only during “safe time” operating schedules.

Snack Food Distributor Upgrades from Paper to CMMS

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A large distributor of snack foods contacted us looking to upgrade their maintenance management process.  The current paper and pencil process was not an efficient or easy way to manage work orders.  Meeting inspection regulations requires them to maintain accurate and detailed records.  Attaching documents and photos to work orders is a necessity. A big benefit would be able to keep track of vendor information.  They are looking for a software solution that would fit within their limited budget.  The system needs to be flexible for anticipated growth.

Successful Solution:  Highlights from our demonstration included:

• Management and storage of data through one centralized location.
• Technicians can enter and manage work orders from a computer or mobile device.
• Notes, documentation, photos, manuals, etc., can all be attached to work orders.
• Prepare for inspections with organized checklists that can be attached and managed through work orders.
• The Spot Buys module gives users the ability to access and store all of their vendor information.
• Our software is flexible and scalable and will grow with any size company.

The customer was just getting started to automate their processes. Our basic package provided them with an extensive set of features. A CMMS software solution was something they thought they really needed.

Streamlining Processes for Convenience Chain Stores, Restaurants and Gas Stations

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  A Convenience Store Chain with Restaurants and Gas Stations was looking for a system that would help them manage their work orders. Their team is responsible for managing a large number of franchise properties and ensuring that repairs are completed quickly. Managing their maintenance department through email wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Keeping track of labor hours and supplies for each location was challenging.  Before work orders could be distributed to the maintenance manager for execution, everything needed to be sent to the regional manager for approval.  Once the maintenance manager receives the work orders, they are assigned to the appropriate maintenance mechanic.  Users entering service requests have a limited skill set and would not easily be able to attend training sessions.  This necessitated a system that is extremely easy to use.  Workers in the field needed mobile access to close out their work orders and take pictures of broken or unsafe equipment. Management needed to run reports to see all of the work order activities and expenses by location and budget code.

Successful Solution:  We provided the customer with a free demonstration, showing them the easy to use service request interface and the flexibility of managing all of the locations in one centralized database. With our recorded training sessions, new users will have no problem in getting up-to-speed.  Additionally, users have free access to other training videos, online help, and technical support.  Using the work order management screen, various reports and dashboards, they can easily see everything they need.  Our interactive calendar is just another way that they can view and reassign work orders.  Being able to capture expenses for each location and easily associate those expenses with the correct budget code is simple. Setting specific sign-off permissions throughout the routing of work orders is easily performed with our software solution. Users can access and manage work orders and data from any computer or mobile.  eWorkOrders provided them with the features and solutions that exceeded their expectations.

Commercial Property Management Company Needs to Setup Work Order System Within a Week

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  This Commercial Property Management Company has locations in multiple states scattered across the country.  They needed to quickly set up an easy to use work order system for his tenants and technicians. They wanted to give each tenant their own access to put in a service request, with no access to other tenant information. The system had to be accessible from a computer and especially a mobile device. They had already been researching and meeting with a lot of other vendors to evaluate the options and pricing. They wanted to make sure that they made the right decision, and the software would be flexible to accommodate their specific needs. They said that once they had made a decision, they needed to be up within a week.

Successful Solution:  We had several options that we entertained with this customer, regarding the tenant login privacy and security. We demonstrated the user-friendly interface that the tenants would be using to submit requests. We also provided the customer with a demonstration of his view of the work order module where he could manage, prioritize, view and assess the work history of all of the work orders for his facilities. He loved that he also had the ability to run detailed reports and view a dashboard to see the status of all of the work orders for his facility. The customer assessed the options and was very comfortable with our recommendation and pricing and quickly chose us for their implementation.

Client Urgently Needed Mobile Signature Capture Capabilities for Tracking Equipment Repairs

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  One of our technical specialists received an urgent request from one of our manufacturing clients. 

Their maintenance department was having trouble tracking who was dropping off and picking up equipment for repair.  They needed to be able to use their mobile devices to capture the signatures of both the customer dropping off the equipment and the worker accepting the equipment.  They also wanted to use a similar procedure when the equipment was returned.  This would help them identify and hold accountable anyone involved with handling the equipment.  It was also important to track when it was dropped off and picked up.   Our customer needed this immediately.  Our technical specialist was able to accommodate them and help them set this up right away.  They had this up and running within a few minutes!

Successful Solution:  Having multiple different types of sign-offs on a work order is just one of the many features that the eWorkOrders CMMS solution provides.  

Another happy customer!

Hospitality Group Looking For Easy-To-Use CMMS Solution That Will Grow With Their Expanding Business

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  Provided a demo to a hospitality group that just purchased another facility and were exploring new options for managing their maintenance department.  Although they do have a system in their one facility that was managed by their IT department, they were looking to see if there was a more efficient and easier way to manage their work orders, preventive maintenance and inventory supplies for their multiple buildings in other locations.

Success Solution:  eWorkOrders gave them the ability to view and easily close out work orders from a computer or mobile device which would make things a lot easier for their maintenance department.   Because of the different levels of people putting in work orders, they were impressed with the user-friendly interface, very easy to use modules and robust features.  Another attractive feature to them was the fact that the system is very flexible and as they continue to grow and add new facilities, the eWorkOrders CMMS software application would easily grow with them.

Special Need for an Automated Documentation Solution with a Pharmaceutical Client

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  Recently a pharmaceutical client was looking to further automate the processes they use for documenting completed preventive maintenance work orders.  They want to maintain printed records of all closed preventive maintenance work orders.  Currently, the technicians use their electronic list of work orders and just check off which ones were completed. 

Success Solution:  We customized this page for the client so that not only do the work orders get instantly closed out in bulk, but any preventive maintenance work orders automatically get printed at the same time.

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