Pipeline Inspection Company – Asset Management Made Easy With A CMMS Software Solution

June 2019

Customer Challenge:  The company does pipeline inspections for sewers/municipalities. They were looking for a system that was cost-effective and easy to implement. They want the system to help them manage: assets, asset history, work orders, maintenance requests, reporting and they don’t have any mobile access.

Success Solution:  Not having mobile access, it was important that information was updated as quickly as possible. We walked them through the various tools that would help them improve their current processes and manage the applications that they were looking for. They saw a huge benefit in the work order feature giving multiple employees access to update and store all of their information into one work order. A big plus was the comprehensive list of reports that gave them the ability to manage and transfer their data into meaningful reports. As we walked them through the features and implementation process, they could see the benefits of using eWorkOrders CMMS software solution to manage their assets.


A Leader in Water Resource Management Uses eWorkOrders To Streamline Processes

June 2019

Customer Challenge:  Wastewater treatment facilities face a lot of challenges such as keeping up with compliance regulations, aging equipment, outdated technology and rising energy costs. With a growing customer base that spreads across the United States, managing individual customer facility projects, keeping track of assets, work orders, spare parts and ensuring that the technical team has all the necessary manuals and documents was a major challenge. They were working with various systems, which required entering data several times into numerous systems, with a great possibility of errors being introduced during the transfer of the data. This way of doing business was inefficient and time-consuming.

Success Solution:  Read the customer success story on how eWorkOrders exceeded this customer’s expectation.  Read more….

eWorkOrders CMMS Software Makes Managing Brewery Maintenance Operations Easy

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  Keeping a brewery running smoothly with minimum downtime is a challenge. Their main goal is to produce high-quality products, build customer loyalty and strengthen the brand. Having equipment down effects production, but also has a major effect on the product, which means lost revenue. Their goal is to:

• Have a system that effectively manages maintenance plans.
• Be able to manage, track, and schedule maintenance.
• Manage work orders, parts, and inventory.
• Organize, schedule and keep track of employee time.
• Be able to run reports at any time.
• Easy to use.

Success Solution:  The eWorkOrders CMMS software is an easy solution to help keep maintenance operations run smoothly and more efficiently.

• User-friendly Interface
• Centralized Database
• Manage Maintenance Plans
• Track, Schedule and Manage Preventive Maintenance Activities
• Manage Inventory
• Optimize Asset Performance

• Be Prepared for Inspections
• Keep Track of Employee Time and Activities
• Manage Expenses
• Create Dashboards and Reports

The eWorkOrders CMMS software will help manage costs, reduce downtime, optimize maintenance operations, extend the life of assets, manage inventory, effectively manage labor time and costs.

Article: Warning Signs That It Is Time To Optimize Your Maintenance Department

May 2019

Are you having problems keeping track of maintenance repairs, employees’ time, etc.?

Is your organization working in a “reactive mode”?

Is equipment downtime impacting your business?

If any of these problems and the additional ones in the article sound familiar, then you need to take action and implement a CMMS software solution.

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Article: The Value Of CMMS Document Management Software

What is CMMS Document Management?

What are the benefits of CMMS Document Management?

What can a CMMS Document Management Software solution do for you?

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Advantages of Using eWorkOrders CMMS Mobile Software Solution in the Resorts Industry

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  Managing a resort can be complex. This customer was looking for a system to manage their maintenance, guest requests and ensure a smooth interaction between all the departments within the resort. This process has to be a seamless effort so that guests have a feeling of security. They want their guests to know that they have everything under control and make their accommodations flawless. They were looking for:

• A more efficient way to manage work requests.
• Quick routing of work requests to the appropriate department. (Housekeeping cleans a room, finds something broken or replaces a light bulb, etc.)
Mobile access is a must, via a Smartphone, tablet or mobile device.
• Tracking of staff or tech hours associated with each work order.
• Upon completion of work orders, he wants the staff member to close out the work order and be notified that it has been completed.
• Run detailed reports and analyze results to determine trends, number of service requests, hours spent, expenses, etc.
• It has to be user-friendly.

Success Solution:  We showed the customer the user-friendly and flexibility eWorkOrders CMMS software solution. Using our mobile maintenance software gives managers the ability to manage their staff activities in real-time, prioritize work requests and quickly respond to emergency requests. Users can manage, create, update and close out work orders from a computer, Smartphone or mobile device.

They were very impressed with the added feature of being able to snap a photo, upload it and attach it to a work order. Being able to provide a picture helps those techs who have difficulties in explaining issues and results. This saves a lot of time and frustration because a picture is worth a thousand words.

The routing of work orders to the appropriate departments, email notifications, managing labor hours, expenses and assets all greatly saves time, improves efficiency and communications. Running reports was quick and easy. With access to hundreds of reports and the ability to filter fields, they were able to get the details they needed on a monthly basis, plus always be prepared for inspections.

A CMMS Solution Saves Money & Increases ROI

May 2019

Article:  A CMMS Solution Saves Money & Increases ROI

Are you facing the challenge of trying to get decision makers to see that investing in a CMMS solution provides cost-saving opportunities and increases Return On Investment (ROI)?

When decision makers realize how maintenance inefficiencies, such as equipment downtime and overtime labor have cost them, it’s easy to see that CMMS saves money and is a worthwhile investment. Read more….

Hotel Improves Customer Satisfaction with eWorkOrders CMMS Software

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  Managing a large hotel comes with a lot of tasks to ensure that guests and employees are happy and everything is safe. The customer was looking for:

• Centralization of Data
• User-Friendly Access
• Mobile Access from a Smartphone
• Work Order Management
• Asset Management
• Reports

Success Solution:  The customer saw the advantages of using the eWorkOrders CMMS software in their maintenance department. With all of the features, they would be able to keep track of inventory, streamline processes and save money. Having access to real-time data and reports makes meeting regulations and compliance audits a lot quicker and easier. The process of effectively managing assets and inventory, and the ability to generate historical reports to analyze expenses, definitely would save them a lot of money.

The most important tool for them was the work order management module and being able to create work orders from mobile devices. Having the ability to prioritize work orders to meet emergencies, and having real-time updates would definitely increase customer satisfaction.

Franchisee Uses eWorkOrders CMMS Software to Optimize Maintenance Operations for McDonald’s

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  Our customer is managing over 42 McDonald’s franchises, which can be challenging. Their main objective was ensuring that the equipment is operating at peak performance and that the environments are kept safe. They came to us with the following requirements:

• A User-friendly system to manage and organize service requests from all of their franchises.
• The ability to keep track of routine as well as emergency repairs.
• A solution to manage equipment history, expenses and run reports by each franchise location.
• Needs implementation across all locations ASAP.

Success Solution:  Through their research and the demonstration with our eWorkOrders CMMS software, they felt that this was the perfect solution. Through our software they were able to:

• Manage and maintain data for all franchises in one centralized location.
• Have access to equipment repairs and maintenance information in real-time.
• Manage and view preventive maintenance schedules for each franchise.
• Streamline processes for managing, creating and viewing work orders.
• Access to hundreds of reports to see all of the activity for each individual franchisee.
• The time spent on scheduling tasks, preparing for audits and inspections has been significantly reduced.
• Implementation, even with extensive customization, exceeded their expectations.
• With the training, documentation, videos and technical support, their franchises were able to get up and running very quickly.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the eWorkOrders software and customer support. Click here to read more…

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