eWorkOrders Named In Capterra’s Top 20 Asset Tracking List

August 2020

Whitehouse Station, NJ August 12, 2020: eWorkOrders, a leader in asset tracking and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions for companies of all sizes, announces their inclusion in Capterra’s Top Asset Tracking Software list. This recognition affirms eWorkOrders commitment in providing CMMS asset management tracking tools that help businesses needing a simple, secure platform to track and manage their assets.

“Our continued recognition by the Capterra community is a testament to the exceptional work of our team,” said Jeff Roscher, President and Owner of eWorkOrders (Information Professionals, Inc.). “Our commitment is to continue to develop and deliver outstanding Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solutions to meet our customer’s needs. I want to personally thank our customers for their loyalty and taking their time to provide us with such outstanding reviews.”

eWorkOrders continues to enhance their customer experience with an Interactive Asset Mapping feature that gives users the ability to view, manage and use icons to identify assets on an interactive map. With eWorkOrders CMMS Interactive Mapping feature you can display drawings, site maps, floor plans or any other image.

Our CMMS Interactive Mapping feature gives users the ability to view and manage exterior assets and the multiple floors of assets within their facilities. With the interactive icons, users can access asset details and work orders directly from the map. Need to enter a work order on a broken pump? Need to update an asset? No problem, users can click on the icon and enter a work order or update an asset right from the interactive map.

We listen to our customers and are continually enhancing our CMMS tools to give them the best applications to meet their growing needs.

About eWorkOrders CMMS

eWorkOrders is an easy to use, affordable and powerful, web-based CMMS that helps organizations easily manage and report on daily operations and plan for future requirements. A CMMS provides the tools and features to help manage and track service requests, work orders, equipment/assets, workers, inventory levels, expenses, and more. Some of the benefits of implementing a CMMS are to improve accountability, decrease business disruption due to equipment downtime, keep historical information on repairs and issues for better preventive maintenance scheduling, extend the lifespan of assets/equipment, provide better distribution and management of resources, and be able to create detailed and accurate reports on your organization’s activities. Implementing a CMMS will help minimize expenses and maximize ROI (Return On Investment). Learn more at

Capterra Top 20

Top 20 Most Popular Asset Tracking Software is an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the asset tracking space that offers the most popular solutions. The Top 20 Asset Tracking report is available at

Top 20 constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Capterra or its affiliates.

Grab The Power Of A CMMS To Help With The COVID Pandemic

August 2020

powerful cmms-maintenanceAs businesses begin to stabilize and COVID-19-related healthcare and demand decreases, it is important to put new processes in place and try to get back to some type of normal.  In addition to trying to keep up with the routine and backlog of tasks, there will be significant increases for equipment maintenance and facilities sterilization.   Facilities/Plant Operations will need to manage the increase in requests for space alterations, air quality management, area cleaning and sanitation, and parts and materials.  Most teams will see increases in necessary Preventative Maintenance (PM) for equipment and assets.

It is important to have all your work requests and maintenance process documented into a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) so that information is easy to retrieve, analyze and report on for the anticipated increase in inspections and meeting new regulations.  A CMMS provides you with the tools to ensure more efficient maintenance management from anywhere, despite any health constraints or unexpected disruption in business operations.

CMMS Helps Businesses Recover From Disasters

Whether you are going through a shutdown due to the COVID, or equipment breakdowns, these issues can cost a business a lot of time and money.  Under normal operations, a good maintenance plan in place provides for better management and control of resources and scheduling.  A good preventive maintenance plan ensures that equipment breakdowns and business operations will be at a minimum.   

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eWorkOrders CMMS Named FrontRunner for Maintenance Management Software

cmms maintenance

Whitehouse Station, NJ  July 30, 2020: eWorkOrders is excited to announce that today we were named a FrontRunner for Maintenance Management Software by Software Advice. FrontRunners is designed to help small businesses evaluate which software products that may be right for them.

“We are honored to be recognized as a FrontRunner for Maintenance Management Software by Software Advice,” said Jeff Roscher, President and Owner of eWorkOrders (Information Professionals, Inc.). “Our customers are number 1 and for over 25 years we continue to provide them with a high-quality service offer and exceptional support. We have fantastic customers, who we want to extend our appreciation for their business and taking the time out to provide us with such great reviews.”

FrontRunners is published on Software Advice, the leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process. FrontRunners evaluates verified end-user reviews and product data, positioning the top scoring products based on Usability and Customer Satisfaction ratings for small businesses. FrontRunners for Maintenance Management software is available at  

About eWorkOrders CMMS

eWorkOrders is an easy to use, affordable and powerful, web-based CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) software solution that helps organizations easily manage and report on daily operations and plan for future requirements. A CMMS provides the tools and features to help manage and track service requests, work orders, equipment/assets, workers, inventory levels, expenses, and more. Some of the benefits of implementing a CMMS are to improve accountability, decrease business disruption due to equipment downtime, keep historical information on repairs and issues for better preventive maintenance scheduling, extend the lifespan of assets/equipment, provide better distribution and management of resources, and be able to create detailed and accurate reports on your organization’s activities. Implementing a CMMS will help minimize expenses and maximize ROI (Return On Investment). 

About Software Advice

Software Advice is the leading online service for businesses navigating the software selection process. Advisors provide free, personalized software recommendations, helping companies of all sizes find products that meet their business needs. Software Advice also features objective research by industry experts and reviews from validated users, saving buyers time and resources. Software Advice is a Gartner company. For more information, visit

FrontRunners constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Software Advice or its affiliates.

Name: Janet Jaquis
Organization: eWorkOrders (Information Professionals, Inc.)
Address: 25 Oakland Dr W, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889
Phone: +1-888-333-4617

12 Preventive Maintenance Management Planning Tips

July 2020

maintenance mangement cmms

Whether you have a few pieces of equipment/assets or thousands, keeping them working at peak performance is important. Having business operations coming to a complete halt because of an equipment breakdown is devastating to the bottom line

With better preventive maintenance planning and scheduling of routine tasks, you can make your maintenance team more effective in handling equipment maintenance and reducing those unexpected emergencies.

Below are some tips to help improve preventive maintenance planning.

Equipment Maintenance Management Planning Tips

1. Equipment/Asset Assessment
Do an assessment and create a baseline of your facility and equipment/assets. Gain an understanding of the number, age and types of machines, the OEMs of your machinery, any historical maintenance issues. This will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your equipment, for better preventive maintenance planning.

2. Historical Documentation
Review repair records and identify the equipment breakdown trends. There are a lot of things that may have an impact on equipment breakdown, such as seasonal, weather, machine stress, etc. Identifying these trends ahead of time will allow for better planning, purchasing parts and managing resources.

3. Establish Standards
Working with your maintenance team, it is important to identify and establish a maintenance management plan that meets the needs of your entire organization. It is important to establish and document guidelines to measure performance and improve efficiency. Create and document processes, procedures and schedules that need to be followed. In CMMS software, checklists can be created and managed within work orders to ensure that tasks are never missed.

4. Manage Assets By Criticality
When setting schedules for preventive maintenance, identify the tasks that are:

* critical that must be done on time
* ones that are less critical that can be rescheduled for another time and
* those tasks that are important, but do not have a major impact on the business and can be rescheduled

With CMMS software all of these tasks can easily be managed from your computer, smartphone or mobile device.

5. Employee Training
Ensure that technicians are properly trained in the operations and maintenance of equipment. For example, ignoring equipment warnings and other indications can cause major breakdowns. Having technicians trained to fix routine issues will ensure less downtime or disruption to your business operations. Employee training and certification records are easily stored and managed within CMMS.

6. Spare Parts Inventory
Breakdowns are unpredictable. Having an inventory of spare parts sitting on shelves can be costly. When equipment breaks down, trying to find parts can be expensive and very time-consuming. With a CMMS, you have access to all of the repairs and historical data which will give you a good idea of the spare parts and supplies you need to have on hand to handle most types of breakdowns.

7. Resource Management
Having the right skilled people available to work on equipment at the right time is important. With a CMMS, you can schedule preventive maintenance around the schedule of your resources. Being able to schedule technicians during off-peak hours will save the organization time and money.

8. Mobility
In today’s environment, especially with social distancing, having the ability to manage your data from anywhere at any time is valuable. A CMMS gives managers the freedom and flexibility to properly manage and track all their maintenance activities on the go. CMMS Mobile gives you all the power, flexibility and features you need to streamline your maintenance processes from anywhere.

9. Reporting – Compliance Regulations
CMMS software provides the essential reporting tools that give you the power to assemble the data you have been collecting within your CMMS and transform it into reports that are meaningful to you and others in your organization. With the wide variety of reports, you are able to retrieve pertinent information needed to demonstrate compliance for regulatory standards set forth by various agencies.

10. KPI Dashboard – Measurements of Success
Get an overview of your CMMS data. Create dashboards to provide you with a quick and easy way to view all of your systems. Some dashboard widgets are presented in a graphical format making it simple to quickly see trends or maintenance items that require immediate attention. View daily reminders of how well your facility and your team are doing. Modify and customize multiple dashboards to meet your needs. The dashboard may be set as the default screen so that it loads when the user logs in or added to your toolbar, giving you easy access to view the status of your systems

11. Review Your Maintenance Plan
Maintenance plans are built to be modified. It is important to always analyze the results of a preventative maintenance program and adjust or improve it as necessary. If something isn’t working, change it.

12. Improve Preventive Maintenance with CMMS Software
Preventive Maintenance planning requires the collection and analysis of maintenance data. CMMS software provides you with the tools to track and maintain data regarding maintenance schedules, procedures, processes, and resource disbursement. Monitor and keep track of inventory levels and manage resources. A CMMS is a powerful system that helps you manage resources more efficiently, maximize asset performance and control costs by minimizing equipment downtime.

Contact eWorkOrders today to learn more and get a free demo.

eWorkOrders Named #1 Maintenance Management Software Leader

July 16, 2020

GetApp recognizes eWorkOrders as the Number 1 Maintenance Management Software Leader for 2020. Our Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software, provides maintenance and facilities teams with the tools to optimize their maintenance operations.

Press Release:

cmms maintenance leader

Category Leaders Criteria

The methodology used by GetApp to determine the category leaders is based on:  Ease of Use; Value for Money; Likelihood to Recommend; Customer Support and Features.  Additional information regarding this category can be found at

Additional Awards

How We Created a Software that Helps Facilities Manage Their Maintenance Operations

July 2020

Jeff Roscher had a great interview with Nathan Grieve, from Project Hatch, that was released this morning. The article will take you through Jeff’s successful journey in the building of an award-winning computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

cmms maintenance

eWorkOrders CMMS Wins 2 Awards In The Maintenance Management Software Category

FinancesOnline is a premier platform for software reviews offering in-depth insights regarding the SaaS products available on the market.  Their team of experts thoroughly reviewed eWorkOrders Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software and were highly impressed with the features, functions and customer support that eWorkOrders provides. 

They reported that eWorkOrders CMMS is an easy to use and affordable software that streamlined processes and improves productivity.  Their software solution provides for easy scheduling of maintenance, efficient management of work orders, assets, inventory, and more. 

FinancesOnline awarded eWorkOrders 2 prestigious quality awards.

2019 Premium Usability Award

The Premium Usability award is given to companies with products that offer outstanding usability. The award is based on how intuitive the product is to use, the quality of its design and whether its features enhanced workflows.

cmms premium award

2019 Rising Star Award

The Rising Star award is given to companies with products whose popularity has continued to blossom, is building solid, lasting relationships with customers and is deemed a SaaS product excelling at solving problems for users worldwide.

cmms rising star award

About FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline is a popular platform for SaaS reviews that helps millions of businesses worldwide compare B2B software to find the right business systems for their operations. They employ advanced customer satisfaction algorithms as well as utilize their industry expertise to come up with detailed evaluations of the various software solutions available on the market. This way, businesses have the insights they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

eWorkOrders Awards

7 Benefits of Using CMMS Software For Your Business

June 2020

Facility maintenance is one of the most crucial aspects when running a business. No matter what industry you’re in, this can have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations. A broken piece of equipment can mean delays, low quality outputs, high expenses, and many other issues for your company.

This task is no easy feat for anyone especially with our current predicament due to the pandemic. This is why more and more organizations are incorporating Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software into their maintenance operations. 

These are solutions that can automate, streamline and optimize any tasks related to maintenance.

In fact, a study by Report Ocean says that the market size for CMMS software will continue to grow in the next few years. From $720 million in 2019, it is estimated to reach $1260 million by 2024. Such a boost in demand shows just how essential these solutions can be for businesses in the coming months and years.

If you’re one of those companies looking for that push to get one, look no more. Here are the benefits of CMMS software for your organization.… Continue reading

8 Ways CMMS Can Help Facility Managers Resolve Issues

June 2020

As the economy starts to strengthen and businesses begin the process of opening, how do you ensure the safety of your employees? 

With the backlog of maintenance issues, how do you effectively manage your maintenance operations more efficiently and more economically?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, facility managers have always been there to keep facilities and assets in good operating condition.  Now they have a more critical challenge and demand to improve and prepare for the new normal way of life.  Along with their regular responsibilities of making sure that buildings, environment, and equipment are safe for their employees and customers, there are more regulations and requirements that they now have to meet. 

How do you manage the environment to ensure the increased distance between workspaces, the inventory and placement of hand sanitizer stations, and the list goes on?  How do you ensure that all of the processes and procedures are being followed and documented to meet company, state, and government regulations?

The answer to these questions:

Struggling With Maintenance Management? The Solution….

May 2020

Join Jeff Roscher in this podcast, brought to you by Reliability Connect, as he shares his passion for helping businesses that are continually struggling with the management of:

  • Work Orders

  • Repairs

  • Facilities

  • Equipment

  • Maintaining a Safe Environment

Jeff discusses how CMMS software can help businesses manage their maintenance operations more efficiently at an affordable price.

See the podcast…


Church members and school staff have easy access to work orders and real-time information.

parkview baptist church-CMMS

After years of struggling with an out-of-date paperwork order system, we decided to go with eWorkOrders. Since going online with eWorkOrders church members and school staff are able to open work-orders and get timely feedback almost instantly. Our maintenance staff is able to easily inform the originators of the progress on their work order. It is nice to have the best of both worlds.

Rev. Dan
Associate Pastor/Administration

Exceeded expectations!

universal tech institute-CMMS

This product does far more than we will ever use. We have produced almost 10,000 work orders in the past 2 years. It is very user-friendly.

Facility Director

eWorkOrders CMMS software is easy to use, affordable and has a fantastic support team!

Real Estate uses eWorkOrders CMMS

This is a wonderful system. Extremely user-friendly. And the Customer Support is always available. I would recommend this system for anyone looking to implement a new work order billing system in their office.

Assistant Property Manager

Excellent Software! Excellent Technical Team!

excellent software

We are a franchise operator for over 400 restaurants including, KFC’s, Pizza Huts, Taco Bell’s, Tim Hortons, A&W’s and Long John Silvers.  Our Account Manager, Norm Stepp walked us through the eWorkOrders CMMS software platform.  Excellent!  Norm, as well as most of the eWorkOrder Team, is a seasoned user of eWorkOrders.  The implementation was quick and easy.  During setup, Norm brought his expertise and provided some great recommendations and tips to help us get even more out of the system.  It is a real benefit working with someone who has actually used the system.  We were up and running very quickly and even the non-technical customers found it extremely easy to put in service requests.  eWorkOrders came with a lot of robust features, at a very affordable price.  Since using eWorkOrders we have:

• Streamlined our Maintenance Operations
• Controlled and Reduced Expenses
• Extended Equipment Lifecycle
• Increased Efficiency
• Managed and Controlled Contract Expenses
• Increased customer satisfaction

I can see why eWorkOrders is the Highest Rated CMMS software solution  Excellent Software!  Excellent Team!

 Maintenance Director

Work Orders have become easier to manage since we implemented eWorkOrders CMMS software.

Zoo uses eWorkOrders CMMS software solution

eWorkOrders has been a great tool for us to begin to get a handle on our work orders, no special software is required which our IT dept. loves. Our customer communication has improved greatly. The ease of use has helped us with the transition from paper work orders to electronic. The reports help us to track our progress in many areas and we are better able to provide updates to management.

Asst. to the Director of Park Operations

eWorkOrders was made for us!

NSHMA says that eWorkOrders CMMS is the best!

We were looking for a software solution that not only met our needs but was also flexible, scalable and affordable. We’ve had the eWorkOrders CMMS software now for more than five years and the reliability of the software has been beyond our expectations; along with the Customer Service we received.

Director of Applications and Data Management

The detailed reports are easy to generate and saves us 18 hours a month.

McWhinney real estate uses eWorkOrders CMMS solution.n

eWorkOrders saves me 18 hours each month doing my customer chargebacks. A couple of clicks and one simple report generates a detailed listing with all our general ledger codes and monthly charges for our accounting department.


Not only is eWorkOrders CMMS software exceptional, but the service is over the top good.

Neyer property management uses eWorkOrders CMMS solution.

They could get it up and running the same day.  Very full-featured. Excellent support that understood not only the product, but also my real need for it. In other words, they took the time to understand my business, not just sell their solution. Responsive, easy to understand and easy to reach. Exceptionally good value. We have tried both the Timberline and MRI service management modules and we find this product 100x easier to use. We have been very pleased since we first started using it. Not only is the product very good, but the service is over the top good. I was trying to develop a custom solution with a programmer and wasted dozens of hours and thousands of dollars to get way, way less functionality that is delivered by this product.


Impressed with the ease of use, robust features and working with a great team.

Celgene increases productivity eWorkOrders CMMS

Whenever we acquire a new site, one of the first things we implement is eWorkOrders.  It’s the best way to service the employee population.

eWorkOrders keeps all of our work order requests organized and the ease of assigning work to multiple groups fosters collaboration amongst the various maintenance trades.

Starr D.
Biotechnology Company

eWorkOrders is Super Easy to Learn and Use!

Honda Uses eWorkOrders Cloud Based CMMS

It is very easy to setup as well.  They provide excellent customer service. When I have a question or concern they respond within hours not days. That’s huge for me.

They always care about what we the customer wants. I could not ask for better support.  The product is super.

Honda of America

System is very easy to use. Their support staff is very fast, understanding and efficient.

infogroup uses eWorkOrders cmms

I have been using “informationpros” systems for several years and found the customer interface friendly and easy to use. On the rare occasion that I had an opportunity to use their support, they were fast, understanding and efficient. I will gladly recommend them to friends and associates.