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May 2019

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Landscaping Contractor Uses CMMS to Improve Processes and Control Assets

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  A Landscaping company was looking to improve their current processes for managing: assets, inventory, fleet, and work orders. Currently, they have one administrative person checking equipment (rakes, shovels, etc.) in and out. They were looking for a way to effectively:

• Manage and control assets.
• Manage all of the information on their fleet of vehicles.
• Access parts inventory from anywhere.

Success Solution:  We demonstrated to this customer how our CMMS solution would streamline their current processes and exceed their expectations. They were very impressed with all of the features and the benefits that the eWorkOrders CMMS solution would bring to their company. They felt that the software would definitely improve processes and give them better control over their daily tasks.


Mobile Access Makes Work Orders Flow Easy In The Dairy Industry

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  This Dairy Industry Management Company provides management services to owners and operators of dairies. They currently were working in a reactive maintenance mode, which was not efficient. They were looking for a mobile solution that would:

• Manage work orders for their facilities.
• Provide them with access to view work order tasks.
• See who reported the issue.
• Know the details and when the work order was closed out.

Success Solution:  Our software provides users with an easy to use interface, accessible from a computer, Smartphone or mobile device. Some highlights from the demo included:

• How to easily maximize productivity and increase workflow efficiency with mobile access.
• Creating, viewing and managing work orders from a computer or mobile device.
• Taking advantage of cameras installed in the tablets and Smartphones. With digital documents, you can easily attach images to a work order.
• Managers can attach images and other important files and manuals, so technicians can see all the related information for each task.
Work Order status and details can easily be viewed from the work order module, reports or a dashboard.
• Information is updated in real-time.
• Additional modules were also demonstrated included: Preventive Maintenance, Document Management, Asset Manager, and more.


Country Club Gets Results With eWorkOrders CMMS Software Solution

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  A luxurious Country Club, with numerous Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Fitness Center, Spa and a lot of other activities, had several challenges that brought them to eWorkOrders. Their current provider was not working up to their expectations in meeting their requirements for maintenance tracking and reporting.  They were looking for a system that would accommodate their current requirements and the ability to grow with their expanding business.

Success Solution:  In our demonstration with this customer, we were able to show them our CMMS features and walk him through our modules for:

• Service Requests.
• Viewing and managing work orders from a computer or mobile device.
• Managing expenses.
• Running customized reports.
• Preventive Maintenance scheduling.
• And more.

Our extensive portfolio includes customers from this industry and we were able to show them some additional features that would greatly help them to streamline more processes and reduce expenses.  The customer was very happy and comfortable with the user-friendly interface and robust features that our software provided.  They were extremely impressed with the expertise of the eWorkOrders CMMS account manager and the recommendations that he brought to the demonstration.

Property Management Company Uses CMMS Software to Optimize Workflow

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  A professional property management company, providing services to Condominium & Homeowner Associations as well Commercial Properties, came to us looking to upgrade their current processes for managing their facilities. Currently, they were using spreadsheets and managing over 80 associations, which were becoming labored intensive and not efficient. They wanted to be able to enter work orders into a system, sort work orders by association, track daily activities and run detailed reports by location on all open and closed work orders.

Success Solution:  We demonstrated our user-friendly interface that would help them manage all of their facilities, meet different deadlines and manage work orders. Instead of tracking their progress in their own spreadsheet, inbox or desktop, our CMMS software solution provided them with the tools to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve productivity. Other benefits that our CMMS solution brought to this client included:

• The flexibility and scalability to meet their anticipated growth.
• Real-time updates.
• Improved communications, due to the ability to include and update notes on work orders.
• Access to historical information.
• Access from a computer or mobile device.
• Hundreds of reports that can be filtered to meet their needs.
• Monitoring work order activity from a customized dashboard.
• Ability to track every interaction with every client.

Food & Beverage Industry Uses eWorkOrders CMMS Software to Comply With FDA Regulations

April 2019

Customer Challenge:

Food and Beverage manufacturers must deal with a wide range of regulations regarding food safety. Along with the policies and procedures that vary from country to country. In the United States, manufacturers are subject to USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) regulations and those of the FDA, and more. Keeping accurate information is a must!

Success Solution

A feature-rich Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution provides the tools to help manage maintenance programs, maximize the life of assets, reduce equipment downtime, manage documentation, control processes, assist with audits and provide audit trails. It also helps organizations adhere to strict health and safety compliance regulations, all while managing and controlling costs.

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CMMS Makes Facilities and Production Management Easy for Flooring Manufacturer

April 2019

Customer Challenge: The manufacturer of a wood flooring company was looking for a software solution to help manage their facilities and production equipment. Inventory reporting was extremely important. Service Requests needed to be entered online and must be able to create and manage work orders from a Smartphone or tablet.

Success Solution:  We demonstrated the flexibility of our software and how easy it is to adapt to their workflow and their terminology.

• They were really impressed with the ability to manage Service Requests, Work Orders, Inventory and their Preventive Maintenance program through one centralize CMMS database that was updated in real-time and accessible from anywhere.
• Among the hundreds of reports, we have a library of over 40 inventory reports that can filter their data to meet their needs.
• Customized dashboards can be created to constantly see the real-time status of work orders.
• Technicians can snap pictures in the field and attach them to the work orders right from their mobile device.
• With real-time updates, access to inventory, pertinent documents, and historical information is always available to anyone from anywhere.

Retirement\Assisted Living Community Uses CMMS to Manage Maintenance and Stay Compliant

April 2019

Customer Challenge: Making life easier, enjoyable and safe for their residents is the top priority for this senior living facility.  Managing buildings for residents, normal living, assisted living, a nursing home, along with social events, requires a lot of maintenance.  They were looking for a centralized maintenance management system that could track compliance issues, schedule preventative maintenance, manage expenses, issue work orders, and provide useful reports.

Success Solution: Our CMMS solution offered them a variety of features that they were able to utilize to streamline their daily maintenance, manage their preventive maintenance, work orders, expenses and provided them with extensive reports to help them meet their compliance requirements.  We demonstrated our preventative maintenance module that features easy scheduling, simple task assignment, notifications, and much more.  Our user-friendly work order module gives their maintenance teams the ability to create, assign, schedule, and track work orders from their computer or mobile device.  With access to hundreds of reports, they can easily generate and filter information to meet the requirements for their inspections and compliance regulations.  They were very impressed with our experience working in this industry, exceeding their expectations and the inclusion of additional features that would help them improve other processes and increase efficiency.

Airport Integrates and Optimizes CMMS Solution with Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology

Customer Challenge:  Managing work orders, assets, inventory and preventive maintenance are the standard features that this customer was looking for. Their biggest challenge was preparing for scheduled and unscheduled audits and inspections. From Part 139 certification, USA annual audits and AZA audits, they had to make sure that information was accurately captured and easily accessed through one system at any time.

Success Solution:  The customer was excited about our standard offer and very impressed with the ability to integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) technology into the eWorkOrders CMMS solution. We demonstrated our checklist module which could be built to help them prepare for their airfield inspections. We also demonstrated a custom Airfield Inspections Module that we had designed for previous customers, which could easily be modified to meet their needs. Using either of these modules would help them meet their FAA Part 139 compliance as well as the audit and inspection requirements, Through our reporting module, they would have access to hundreds of reports with the ability to filter the information to meet your needs.



System is very easy to use. Their support staff is very fast, understanding and efficient.

infogroup uses eWorkOrders cmms

I have been using “informationpros” systems for several years and found the customer interface friendly and easy to use. On the rare occasion that I had an opportunity to use their support, they were fast, understanding and efficient. I will gladly recommend them to friends and associates.


Work Orders have become easier to manage since we implemented eWorkOrders CMMS software.

Zoo uses eWorkOrders CMMS software solution

eWorkOrders has been a great tool for us to begin to get a handle on our work orders, no special software is required which our IT dept. loves. Our customer communication has improved greatly. The ease of use has helped us with the transition from paper work orders to electronic. The reports help us to track our progress in many areas and we are better able to provide updates to management.

Asst. to the Director of Park Operations

Impressed with the ease of use, robust features and working with a great team.

Celgene lab increases productivity with eWorkOrders CMMS software.

Whenever we acquire a new site, one of the first things we implement is eWorkOrders.  It’s the best way to service the employee population.

eWorkOrders keeps all of our work order requests organized and the ease of assigning work to multiple groups fosters collaboration amongst the various maintenance trades.

Starr D.
Biotechnology Company

Excellent Software! Excellent Technical Team!

We are a franchise operator for over 400 restaurants including, KFC’s, Pizza Huts, Taco Bell’s, Tim Hortons, A&W’s and Long John Silvers.  Our Account Manager, Norm Stepp walked us through the eWorkOrders CMMS software platform.  Excellent!  Norm, as well as most of the eWorkOrder Team, is a seasoned user of eWorkOrders.  The implementation was quick and easy.  During setup, Norm brought his expertise and provided some great recommendations and tips to help us get even more out of the system.  It is a real benefit working with someone who has actually used the system.  We were up and running very quickly and even the non-technical customers found it extremely easy to put in service requests.  eWorkOrders came with a lot of robust features, at a very affordable price.  Since using eWorkOrders we have:

• Streamlined our Maintenance Operations
• Controlled and Reduced Expenses
• Extended Equipment Lifecycle
• Increased Efficiency
• Managed and Controlled Contract Expenses
• Increased customer satisfaction

I can see why eWorkOrders is the Highest Rated CMMS software solution  Excellent Software!  Excellent Team!

 Maintenance Director

eWorkOrders is Super Easy to Learn and Use!

Honda Uses eWorkOrders Cloud Based CMMS

It is very easy to setup as well.  They provide excellent customer service. When I have a question or concern they respond within hours not days. That’s huge for me.

They always care about what we the customer wants. I could not ask for better support.  The product is super.

Honda of America

The detailed reports are easy to generate and saves us 18 hours a month.

McWhinney real estate uses eWorkOrders CMMS solution.n

eWorkOrders saves me 18 hours each month doing my customer chargebacks. A couple of clicks and one simple report generates a detailed listing with all our general ledger codes and monthly charges for our accounting department.


Church members and school staff have easy access to work orders and real-time information.

parkview baptist church-CMMS

After years of struggling with an out-of-date paperwork order system, we decided to go with eWorkOrders. Since going online with eWorkOrders church members and school staff are able to open work-orders and get timely feedback almost instantly. Our maintenance staff is able to easily inform the originators of the progress on their work order. It is nice to have the best of both worlds.

Rev. Dan
Associate Pastor/Administration

eWorkOrders was made for us!

NSHMA says that eWorkOrders CMMS is the best!

We were looking for a software solution that not only met our needs but was also flexible, scalable and affordable. We’ve had the eWorkOrders CMMS software now for more than five years and the reliability of the software has been beyond our expectations; along with the Customer Service we received.

Director of Applications and Data Management

eWorkOrders CMMS software is easy to use, affordable and has a fantastic support team!

Real Estate uses eWorkOrders CMMS

This is a wonderful system. Extremely user-friendly. And the Customer Support is always available. I would recommend this system for anyone looking to implement a new work order billing system in their office.

Assistant Property Manager

Not only is eWorkOrders CMMS software exceptional, but the service is over the top good.

Neyer property management uses eWorkOrders CMMS solution.

They could get it up and running the same day.  Very full-featured. Excellent support that understood not only the product, but also my real need for it. In other words, they took the time to understand my business, not just sell their solution. Responsive, easy to understand and easy to reach. Exceptionally good value. We have tried both the Timberline and MRI service management modules and we find this product 100x easier to use. We have been very pleased since we first started using it. Not only is the product very good, but the service is over the top good. I was trying to develop a custom solution with a programmer and wasted dozens of hours and thousands of dollars to get way, way less functionality that is delivered by this product.


Exceeded expectations!

universal tech institute-CMMS

This product does far more than we will ever use. We have produced almost 10,000 work orders in the past 2 years. It is very user-friendly.

Facility Director