Important Tips for Preventive Conveyor Maintenance

June 2023
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Conveyor TipsMaintaining your conveyor belt is essential for ensuring an efficient product line. By actively monitoring and addressing potential issues, you can keep your operations running smoothly. Here are some valuable tips to consider for preventive conveyor maintenance:

Prepare for Emergency Repairs

Have a plan in place for emergency repairs, including stocking necessary equipment such as cold-curing supplies or metal fasteners. Determine how you will handle production during repairs, whether by temporarily stopping the line or relocating it.

Stock Spare Parts

Keep a supply of spare parts on hand, including sprockets, motors, and belts. This ensures prompt replacement in case of part failure. 

Track Belt Lifespan

Monitor the typical lifespan of your conveyor belts based on your production needs. If a belt falls short of its expected lifespan, it could indicate manufacturing errors or insufficient maintenance. Actively care for your belts to support their intended lifespan.

Use Preventive Maintenance

Following the above steps is the best way to prevent major malfunctions. Embrace preventive maintenance practices to enhance the lifespan of your conveyor belt and minimize potential problems, ultimately improving productivity.

Keep Documentation

Maintain records of any repairs performed and regularly assess the condition of your conveyor belt. These documented notes can help identify recurring issues and guide future maintenance decisions.

Schedule Maintenance with a Technician

While preventive maintenance is beneficial, working with a professional technician for belt maintenance services ensures proper handling of larger repairs. Establish regular maintenance appointments with a technician to complement your preventive measures.

Final Thoughts

By implementing these tips and leveraging a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), you can optimize your conveyor maintenance strategy, enhance equipment longevity, and achieve smoother production operations.

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