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Mobile Access Makes Work Orders Flow Easy In The Dairy Industry

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  This Dairy Industry Management Company provides management services to owners and operators of dairies. They currently were working in a reactive maintenance mode, which was not efficient. They were looking for a mobile solution that would:

• Manage work orders for their facilities.
• Provide them with access to view work order tasks.
• See who reported the issue.
• Know the details and when the work order was closed out.

Success Solution:  Our software provides users with an easy to use interface, accessible from a computer, Smartphone or mobile device. Some highlights from the demo included:

• How to easily maximize productivity and increase workflow efficiency with mobile access.
• Creating, viewing and managing work orders from a computer or mobile device.
• Taking advantage of cameras installed in the tablets and Smartphones. With digital documents, you can easily attach images to a work order.
• Managers can attach images and other important files and manuals, so technicians can see all the related information for each task.
Work Order status and details can easily be viewed from the work order module, reports or a dashboard.
• Information is updated in real-time.
• Additional modules were also demonstrated included: Preventive Maintenance, Document Management, Asset Manager, and more.


Country Club Gets Results With eWorkOrders CMMS Software Solution

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  A luxurious Country Club, with numerous Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Fitness Center, Spa and a lot of other activities, had several challenges that brought them to eWorkOrders. Their current provider was not working up to their expectations in meeting their requirements for maintenance tracking and reporting.  They were looking for a system that would accommodate their current requirements and the ability to grow with their expanding business.

Success Solution:  In our demonstration with this customer, we were able to show them our CMMS features and walk him through our modules for:

• Service Requests.
• Viewing and managing work orders from a computer or mobile device.
• Managing expenses.
• Running customized reports.
• Preventive Maintenance scheduling.
• And more.

Our extensive portfolio includes customers from this industry and we were able to show them some additional features that would greatly help them to streamline more processes and reduce expenses.  The customer was very happy and comfortable with the user-friendly interface and robust features that our software provided.  They were extremely impressed with the expertise of the eWorkOrders CMMS account manager and the recommendations that he brought to the demonstration.

Property Management Company Uses CMMS Software to Optimize Workflow

May 2019

Customer Challenge:  A professional property management company, providing services to Condominium & Homeowner Associations as well Commercial Properties, came to us looking to upgrade their current processes for managing their facilities. Currently, they were using spreadsheets and managing over 80 associations, which were becoming labored intensive and not efficient. They wanted to be able to enter work orders into a system, sort work orders by association, track daily activities and run detailed reports by location on all open and closed work orders.

Success Solution:  We demonstrated our user-friendly interface that would help them manage all of their facilities, meet different deadlines and manage work orders. Instead of tracking their progress in their own spreadsheet, inbox or desktop, our CMMS software solution provided them with the tools to streamline processes, reduce costs and improve productivity. Other benefits that our CMMS solution brought to this client included:

• The flexibility and scalability to meet their anticipated growth.
• Real-time updates.
• Improved communications, due to the ability to include and update notes on work orders.
• Access to historical information.
• Access from a computer or mobile device.
• Hundreds of reports that can be filtered to meet their needs.
• Monitoring work order activity from a customized dashboard.
• Ability to track every interaction with every client.

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