Public Works Department Uses CMMS to Manage Assets and Make Speedy Repairs!

April 2019

Customer Challenge: The Department of Public Works was looking for a comprehensive system to help them manage their maintenance operations. Having a system that was easy to use by everyone including people with disabilities, was extremely important. They also wanted to provide residents with a link so that they could put in a service request when they encountered an issue. Mobile access was a key feature that they needed so that they could quickly be notified of potholes, dead animals or anything that required immediate attention or repair.

Success Solution:  We demonstrated the user-friendly Service Request module, along with all of the other features that would help them better manage their maintenance operations. Keeping track of assets spread in multiple locations was easily accomplished through our CMMS software solution. Daily checklists for the week could be setup and managed on one work order from a computer or mobile device.

In addition, they were very interested in our GIS system to help them quickly identify the location of an asset that needed repair.

At the end of the demonstration, the customer felt that eWorkOrders CMMS could easily help them:
• Improve work order management
• Streamline and improve communications
• Automate scheduling
• Provide key asset information
• Maintain accurate records for inspections

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