Well Known Large Engine Manufacturer Eliminates Production Downtime with eWorkOrders

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  Our customer is a manufacturing facility for large engines.  There is limited time to move heavy machinery oversized parts from place to place in their plant during the production process.  eWorkOrders was approached to see if we could prevent downtime on the production line by creating a work order solution for the movement of these components being transported by tuggers and forklifts.  In order to maintain compliance with operational safety procedures, the vehicles are only permitted to move throughout the plant during specific time intervals.  Work orders are assigned to and completed by vehicle drivers using a tablet and our mobile software solution.

Successful Solution:  eWorkOrders was able to successfully build a custom queue with a focus on priority and aging of the work orders assigned to each driver.  This helps ensure that work will be completed within the desired timeframe and not become stale.  As work orders age, the color will change and the drivers are visually warned.  A schedule was built into the program with time intervals for vehicle movement only during “safe time” operating schedules.

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