Commercial Property Management Company Needs to Setup Work Order System Within a Week

April 2019

Customer Challenge:  This Commercial Property Management Company has locations in multiple states scattered across the country.  They needed to quickly set up an easy to use work order system for his tenants and technicians. They wanted to give each tenant their own access to put in a service request, with no access to other tenant information. The system had to be accessible from a computer and especially a mobile device. They had already been researching and meeting with a lot of other vendors to evaluate the options and pricing. They wanted to make sure that they made the right decision, and the software would be flexible to accommodate their specific needs. They said that once they had made a decision, they needed to be up within a week.

Successful Solution:  We had several options that we entertained with this customer, regarding the tenant login privacy and security. We demonstrated the user-friendly interface that the tenants would be using to submit requests. We also provided the customer with a demonstration of his view of the work order module where he could manage, prioritize, view and assess the work history of all of the work orders for his facilities. He loved that he also had the ability to run detailed reports and view a dashboard to see the status of all of the work orders for his facility. The customer assessed the options and was very comfortable with our recommendation and pricing and quickly chose us for their implementation.

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