Keeping Facilities Safe Through The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

March 2020

As the rapid spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19) manufacturers and facilities across the globe are becoming increasingly concerned about the spread of the virus among their employees.   The biggest concern is keeping their employees safe and healthy.  This puts a bigger demand and more stress on organizations to take a more aggressive approach to improve worker safety through preventive best practices and proper preparation.

Using EAM/CMMS To Organize Tasks To Keeping Facilities Safe

With the severity of this virus, unfortunately, there are those facilities that need to remain open such as manufacturers, laboratories, wastewater management, healthcare worker and the list goes on.  How are you going to manage the tasks and resources to keep your facilities clean and the environment safe for your employees?  With limited resources, how can you keep track that things are being done, proper scheduling of resources, assets are properly being maintained?  So many things to keep track of and organized.

With eWorkOrders computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software can easily help you manage all of these tasks and more, right from your computer or mobile device. 

No Hardware to install  No Software to install! 

Affordable!  Easy-to-Use! 

Be Up & Running In A day!

*Create, prioritize and manage work orders from a computer or mobile device.

*Create and manage checklists to ensure that tasks have been completed.

*Setup preventive maintenance schedules and assign resources to reduce disruption in business operations.

*Manage and assign work orders to employees for better time management. Easily track and see what each employee is working on, how much time is being spent to perform a job and more.

*Setup preventive maintenance schedules and assign resources at a time that is convenient with your business operations.

*Stay compliant with creating checklists, documenting repairs and meeting specifications and guidelines for audits and inspections.

*Track employee records to ensure that they have the training and meet corporate standards and guidelines.

*Inventory management of spare parts\stock levels and replenishment. Always know what is in stock, with automatic generation of purchase orders for replacement of low supplies, relieves the stress of physically checking inventory.

*Have access to vendor and supplier information, products, availability, and pricing.

*Working remotely? No problem, with our easy to setup dashboards and access to hundreds of reports, you can get real-time information on how well your maintenance operations is performing.

These are just some of the features and advantages that eWorkOrders CMMS can bring to your organization. 

With the severe outbreak of COVID-19 companies need to protect their employees, keep environments safe, keep equipment running at peak performance, ensure that everything is documented for inspections, make sure inventory is well stocked and the bottom line is companies need to work smarter and be prepared.  As an industry leader in CMMS software technology, we provide organizations with high-quality tools to help them effectively streamline processes, improved productivity, all at an affordable price.

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