Stock Room Inventory Management

Have a stock room that needs controls and tracking?

Let eWorkOrders manage your stock room needs by controlling and tracking the flow of stock in and out of your stockroom.

Use fixed cost, cost averaging and/or FIFO to value your current inventory and to charge back your internal customers.

Our stock room module comes complete with:

Vendor Management:

Stockroom ManagementTrack all your vendors and their sales contacts in eWorkOrders. You can see what products they sell and you can even track their prices and how long it will take them to ship it to you.

Purchase Orders:

Track the materials ordered from your vendors and answer questions like: Did our materials arrive yet? When did the materials arrive? How much did we pay for it? What did we order? What did we actually receive?

As employees remove stock from your stock room, eWorkOrders will track the stock levels. As they reach the minimal limits, eWorkOrders will automatically generate Purchase Orders to your vendors to replenish your stock room.

Purchase Returns:

Need to remove items from you stock room and send them back to the vendor? No problem… When you need to send material back to your vendor, eWorkOrders is there to handle the job. It will track what materials were sent back to your vendors and automatically update your inventory levels.

Inventory Orders:

Do you have employees who need materials from your stock room in order to get their work done? No problem… eWorkOrders can track what materials were removed and can even back charge your customer departments for the cost of these materials. Inventory levels are automatically updated as stock is removed and replenished.

Barcode InventoryInventory Returns:

Do your employees need to bring back the materials left over from their jobs? Not a problem… eWorkOrders handles that too and automatically updates your inventory levels.

Cycling Count / Counting Orders:

To ensure you have accurate knowledge of the stock sitting on your shelf, eWorkOrders schedules counting orders so that you can go out and count the items on the shelf. With eWorkOrders, there is no need to shut down your stock room to perform cycle counting as all counts are date and time stamped.

Latest Technology:

eWorkOrders is ready to work with your hand held computers with barcode scanners to make the job of controlling and tracking the flow of materials in an out of your stock room as convenient as possible.