Attractions & Family Fun

Attractions & Family Fun

In the amusement parks and attractions industries, a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into creating the safe and fun atmosphere your customers have come to expect. Poorly managed employees, unsanitary grounds, and machinery malfunctions can all result in a loss of business and profit, expensive lawsuits or, in extreme cases, lives lost. For managers of attraction style businesses, eWorkOrders is the perfect software solution for ensuring the happiness and safety of your customers, while maintaining your sanity.

Our software allows you to create your own interactive checklists and issue them as part of your planned maintenance program. All your assets and their associated maintenance records are easy to track, ensuring your attraction is always operating at peak performance and your customers remain safe. You’re also given the ability to track employee performance and ensure their compliance with all ASTM International F-24 industry standards.

When dealing with rides and other mechanical contraptions, the occasional need for spare parts is inevitable. eWorkOrders allows you to track your inventory so you’re never without critical components and your attractions are back up and running in less time.

The amount of physical space that most managers of various attractions have under their command is vast. eWorkOrders makes the ground you need to cover smaller by providing you a interactive map of your property that’s accessible on any phone, tablet or computer. You can then populate this map with all your equipment and pending work orders so you always know, at a glance, what needs to be worked on and where.

Every need, from the management of various work orders and replacement parts to the scheduling of employees and routine maintenance is made easier with eWorkOrders.