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web based cmms - maintenance management system

Work Order Module

The work orders module is organized into sections that are quick and easy to use. You can easily generate a list of all your open work orders or all your open assignments. Print these lists to use as a to do list for the day. Clicking on a work order in the list will bring you to the work order details page, which can also be printed so that you have a detailed description of the work to be done and details of the customer which made the request.

The work order query section allows you to easily search through all your work orders by specifying criteria such as:
  • work order number
  • date requested
  • date completed
  • customer email address
  • work order status
  • much, much, more...
Drill down allows you to view or print your open work orders, open assignments, search work orders, generate interactive reports on work order status. All reports in this section are fully interactive. They allow you to create listings of work orders and then you can click on any of the work orders to drill down into the details.

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