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web based cmms - maintenance management system

Reporting Module

Numerous reports come with eWorkOrders. These reports allow you to analyze how you are doing as a service provider and keep your customers happy. You can use the standard reports to:
  • Keep track of the number of work orders each month or week by a given time range
  • Check for costs for each month or week by a given time range
  • Check out which request need to be done
  • Keep a close eye on turnaround time for your service requests
  • Find out what your customers think of your services
  • See what preventative and/or scheduled work is planned
  • Track how your employees are performing
  • Report on your employee's payroll and work order time
  • Much, much, more...
If you need a special report that is not already available on eWorkOrders, just let us know and we can create it for you. Feel free to look at examples below!

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