Work Orders

Take service requests from your clients 24/7 online.

Assign and prioritize work orders.

Plan and schedule maintenance tasks.

Automatic real-time notifications and tracking.

Access to important documents and drawings from anywhere.

Preventive Maintenance

Establish proper maintenance plans for company assets.

Easily plan for necessary labor and material resources.

Reduce breakdown maintenance occurrences and costs.

Use check lists to ensure accountability and not miss steps.

Schedule necessary inspections.

Asset Management

Tag and scan assets for easy reporting and to eliminate mistakes.

View maintenance and financial history for each asset.

Easily identify spare parts for assets you are maintaining.

Quickly make repair versus replacement decisions.

Minimize downtime and Maximize Return on Assets.

Spare Parts & Materials

Manage spare parts and inventory levels at multiple sites.

Automatically associate spare parts usage with assets.

Track and manage vendor purchase orders and supplies.

Automatically update inventory.

Material costs automatically flow through to asset history.

Dashboards, KPIs & Reporting

Configure dashboards to provide real-time information

Track KPIs such as Mean Time To Repair, Mean Time Between Failures & more.

Analyze asset, labor and vendor performance.

Generate lists of important data and export them to Excel, if needed.

Create charts & graphs for presentations.

Mobile Access

Create, manage and access work orders from smartphones & tablets.

Immediately update notes, inspection results, labor hour & inventory.

Pull up asset details, history and replacement parts quickly.

Add or access stored pictures, documents, manuals & drawings.

Real-time access while you're in the field.

And More!

Facilities Management

GIS (Geographic Information System)

Document Management

Signature Capture

And More...

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